Our Team

When our clients aren’t sure what comes next or even where to begin, we’re here.

Hatcher is a team of accountants and business advisors on a mission to equip our clients with financial clarity, transparency and confidence, so they feel empowered to make decisions that lead them to success, beyond just their finances.

But we are far from the suit-wearing, jargon-speaking stereotype you’ve come to expect.

  • Gary Brown


    Gary has supported hundreds of businesses to make better financial decisions through targeted education and future-focussed goal-setting. His clients describe him as “transformational” and “a true partner”. He’s driven by each opportunity to support his clients to achieve meaningful goals – from growing their business to buying their first home and starting a family.

    As Managing Partner, Gary is a dedicated thought leader in business development, skilled in strategic advising, tax planning, wealth management, superannuation & estate planning, insurance solutions and more. He is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, holding a Bachelor of Commerce – with a focus in Accounting and Finance.

    Fun Fact

    If he’s not talking finance, he’s probably talking about the Tigers.

  • Jenny Hotman


    Jenny has built a rock solid reputation over the past decade for helping her clients conquer their ATO debt, reach audacious goals and propel their businesses into serious growth. She’s inspired each time she helps a client buy their first home or investment property.

    As a Partner at Hatcher, Jenny is highly skilled in strategic advising, tax planning, wealth management, superannuation & estate planning, insurance solutions and more. She is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, holding a Bachelor’s of Accountancy.

    Fun Fact

    Read Rich Dad, Poor Dad when she was just 15 and has been an advocate for passive income ever since.

  • Elizabeth Quan


    B.Bus (Data Processing)

    Fun Fact

    Catch her volunteering at a local soup kitchen or patchworking a quilt!

  • Johnson Hotman


    Bachelor of Accounting, CPA

    Fun Fact

    Loves trade strategising and is a massive Tesla Bull.

  • Nicole Donath


    BComm (Accounting) & Bachelor of Professional Communication (Public Relations)

    Fun Fact

    Find her listening to a true-crime podcast while crunching numbers!

  • Nathan Nguyen


    BComm (Accounting and Finance), CA Provisional Member

    Fun Fact

    Knows there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes.

  • Jenna Oh


    B.Sc Political Science, Masters Accounting, CA Provisional Member

    Fun Fact

    Loves jazz, baking madeleines and travelling (27 countries & counting!)

  • Peter Chung


    B.Bus (Accounting), Assoc. Dip Marketing

    Fun Fact

    Cycles to work to beat the parking inspectors and Covid

  • Emma Wu


    CPA, Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Information Systems

    Fun Fact

    Loves spending quality time with family and friends

  • Abid Hussain


    CPA, Grad Dip, Masters Taxation, FCCA

    Fun Fact

    Enjoys watching comedy clips and playing badminton

Ready to create a real difference in lives and businesses?

Hatcher is a full-service, future-focussed strategic advisory and accounting firm based in South Melbourne. We create transformative growth for our clients through increased clarity, ultimately empowering them to make the best decisions for their lives and businesses.