Business Advisory

Holistic & actionable plans, not spreadsheets

Deciphering financial plans can be a huge barrier to understanding your business goals and how to achieve them. Tell us about where you want to be, and we’ll get you going in the right direction.

Hatcher Plans

Our signature six core-area plan that identifies weak points in your business structure and creates a roadmap to success. Call it our secret ingredient.

Achievable Goal Setting

Goals are fear-inducing if not set with the right targets. We help you get there one step at a time, while still keeping your overall vision in mind.

Real Clarity

Finally check that mental box and know your finances are under control and working for your business, instead of against it.

Strategic Planning

If you aim for nothing, you will hit nothing. Get your revenue targets on track.

Business Investments

We encourage investment inside and outside your business at the right time.

Wealth Creation

We help our clients to be financially free and living on their terms.

Outcome-focussed, always

Once your goals are defined, we provide a clear pathway to achieving them and offer support along the way. From the onset, we are focused on tangible outcomes, tax minimisation and wealth creation.

How we succeed

Whether you’ve started a new business and want to grow, or you’re looking for an exit plan, our business advisory focuses first on structure and clarity. See what we can do.

Meet Joe*

In 2015, Hatcher started working with a plumber in NSW who had 8 team members and was making a profit of $50k per year. We gave him a clear plan with actionable targets that helped him restructure his team. Today, he is leading a team of 25 people and his profits are above $400k per year. For Joe, a clear structure meant his business would grow, but one of the key areas we worked with him on was the leadership aspect – which helped his business truly thrive.

Know your Numbers

One of our key service areas is giving clients clarity on their numbers – knowing if they are on track or not. Sometimes people have fear about spending too much money, but being extremely clear on your financial numbers will reduce the worry you have as a business owner and help you to achieve goals.

Whether you are making decisions on your business to hire, fire, grow, take on a new lease, buy another business or new equipment, having the financial clarity that you are making the right decision at the right time is integral to business success.


Commonly asked questions about our business advisory services.

Disclaimer: Hatcher Advisory and its subsidiaries, together with its owners, managers and employees have endeavoured to ensure the information on this website is accurate. However, you must undertake your own research and seek advice from your financial advisor, broker or accountant to ascertain its application to your specific circumstances. We do not take responsibility for any outcomes based on this material.

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