Share Investment

Shaky markets, steady advice

At Hatcher, it’s no secret we love the stock market. The majority of our clients have share investments and the majority of them are doing rather well based on credible advice from our trusted partners and our insights into their finances.

Holistic Approach

If you’re ready for share investment, we look at your whole financial picture to determine if it’s the right fit or what you need to get there and connect you with our network of trusted advisors.

Top-Notch Partners

We work closely with leading mortgage brokers and finance companies (relationships built on years and years of trust) to get you the results you’re looking for.

ASX Shares

Investments in the Australian Stockmarket

LIC / Index Funds

Investment in a set is of securities (i.e. the ASX 200 index) to match or outperform the market

Managed Funds

A stockbroker manages your portfolio, actively choosing where to invest

Overseas Investments

Investments in the U.S. or international stockmarkets

Whether bear or bull, you can master the beast

We always use trusted experts to advise us on what shares to buy & when to sell them. It’s natural to fear a stock market crash, however with the average return over a 10 year period being 9.3% you can see the difference in wealth created.

Plan for Success

We always advise our clients to seek professional advice to take into consideration their full personal circumstances before picking the structure for investments.

How to Structure your Investment

Your investment structure depends on how much money you’re looking to invest. Generally speaking, a Trust/Company structure will add costs to your overall investments and reduce your Return on Investments, however, they may provide you tax advantages that offset these compliance costs. With SMSF investing in shares, you would have a Tax Rate of 0-15%, which is low, however, you may have restrictions on what you can and can’t do with the funds in the SMSF.

Meet Max*

Before coming to us, Max had done over $1mil of investing in his own name, an amazing accomplishment. However, if he was to have it structured under a Trust/Company or SMSF, his effective tax rate would have been substantially lower. It provides an important lesson because once shares are purchased and increase in value, there is no opportunity to change the structure without having tax implications.


Frequently asked questions when it comes to share investment.

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