Trustee Resolution Preparation

Get your resolutions right, every time.

Trustee resolution preparation can range from simple and straightforward to complex cases. At Hatcher, we take the guesswork out, so you get the results you want while complying with the legislation, the terms of the trust deed and the ATO’s requirements.

Preparing your resolution

We can help you prepare your trustee resolution, taking your complete circumstances into account.

Plan ahead

We’ll assist you in making sure that your resolution is fully prepared by June 30 and take you through all the necessary steps to get there.

Understanding the process

We’ll help you manage your default beneficiaries and master the basics of estate planning.

Hatcher can help you with

Change or remove trustee

For corporations or individuals

Add or remove beneficiaries

Adding or removing trust beneficiaries

Taking the hassle out of corporate documentation

Managing your business’ corporate file can be a very time consuming administrative process. Our experts are skilled in this area and ensure you’re always compliant with changing legislation.

How to make a resolution

Trustee resolutions are made by following the process outlined in the trust deed. While it will vary based on on the terms of the deed, it will generally cover the below areas:

Trust deed:

The trustee should have the official trust deed (and any previous versions) and refer to it when making a resolution.


The trustee should refer to the trust deed to see who it defines as beneficiaries of the trust and should determine the individuals or entities to which the trustee wants to make distributions of trust income are beneficiaries of the trust.

Income of the trust:

The trustee should consider how the trust deed defines income and should determine that what is sought to be distributed is ‘income of the trust’ as defined.

Distribution of income:

The trustee should consider and resolve to distribute the income of the trust to the beneficiaries in the manner and proportions desired.

Payments of distributions:

The trustee should consider and resolve how the distributions of income will be paid, applied or set aside to or for the beneficiary.


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