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  • Eighty8 Construction Group

    We’ve been with Hatcher for 5 years, and our experience has been nothing short of amazing. Gary is very attentive, always picking up our calls and being incredibly supportive of our business. In the past, we worked with accountants that weren’t quite up to date with modern accounting technology, which caused issues for us. But now with Hatcher, everything runs so smoothly, and we have a completely new perspective on how we manage our business.

    The best thing about Hatcher is that they are so much more than “just accountants.” Gary and the team provide extremely helpful insights into our business operations. He has a broad, yet thorough approach to our finances to help us achieve our goals. We used to pay way more in tax than we should have, and Hatcher has managed to save us a great deal.

    Since working with Hatcher, we’ve been able to expand our business and improve the structure, so we can run it in a more efficient way. We’ve reached many milestones that at one point seemed out of reach, including a couple of investment properties, our family home and a renovation that were all made possible in part due to Gary and the Hatcher team. We now feel completely in control of our finances and confident in our future. Thanks, Hatcher!

    Hayley and Jarrod

    Eighty8 Construction Group

  • Property Investment Store

    I’ve been working with Gary and Hatcher Accountants for over five years now. From the onset of our relationship, you could sense the atmosphere of passion for their work and clients. They have a real desire to help people get ahead in their business – which was a refreshing change from previous businesses I had worked with. Hatcher are proactive accountants rather than historians, advising you on what to do for the future versus focusing on what you’ve done in the past.

    Gary has always been there for any questions I’ve had, no matter how simple – and there have been many of those! He’s willing to jump in quickly, and if he doesn’t know the answer to something, he will find out. He explains things in layman’s terms, so I can really understand what’s going on in my business at any given time.

    Since working with Gary, I have seen steady business growth and am able to see the woods for the trees. I’ve been able to drive my business further because I have confidence someone has my back. I feel more empowered and in control of my finances than ever before.

    Over the years, I’ve learned the foundation of business is having a good accountant, a true partner in your business, and I’m now proud to count Gary and Jenny as friends.

    Anthony Soole, Managing Director

    Property Investment Store

  • JG Construction Group

    Gary and the Hatcher team have been a financial one-stop-shop for my business for over 5 years now. They are a versatile accounting firm – providing sound financial advice, strategic planning and staying on top of new legislation. They genuinely want to see your business do well.

    I’ve had other accountants who just dropped bills on me, but weren’t helpful or even interested in my business. Before Hatcher, I didn’t really understand my numbers or feel confident in my financial decisions. My business was doing okay, but I knew it could be so much more. Luckily for me, I found Hatcher when I did.

    With Gary’s help, I’ve learned a great deal about my finances. He breaks everything down and always takes my calls. I’ve now put new structures in place and grown my business from 3 to 30 team members. On top of that, he has helped me and my business invest in new properties and developments.

    I couldn’t recommend him enough. Thanks, mate!

    Jesse Gaulke, Director

    JG Construction Group

  • Pixel Palace

    Hatcher has been a true partner of my business for over two years now. Between my husband Ryd and I, we have multiple businesses and need someone who has a handle on it to ensure we’re not only in a good place month to month, but also what we need to work on in terms of revenue and cash flow, so we can achieve our goals.

    With Gary, we just know everything is going to be taken care of, and that peace of mind means we can focus on other things. Gary also truly understands the ups and downs of running a business, often going above and beyond what’s asked. Hatcher have been more than just “accountants” – they have supported me to confidently make what once were daunting decisions by empowering me with the financial insight and clarity I need. It’s made me a better leader and we have achieved serious growth in the business since bringing Hatcher on.

    Oh, and we were also finally able to buy our dream house last year!!

    Jen Jeavons, Director

    Pixel Palace

  • Fish World Aquarium

    We’ve been working with Gary for more than 5 years, back when it was just him. At the time, we were at a really tough place financially. Another accountant had stuffed us around, we didn’t have a proper paper trail, and it wasn’t until we found Gary that we felt we found someone that genuinely cared about our business.

    Gary got us back on track, lodging all the necessary paperwork and fixing our structures. He is always prompt and spends so long with us to make sure we understand what’s happening in our business and what we need to do to reach our goals.

    Since working with Hatcher, our business (and life in general!) are in a great place. We’ve been able to hire the right people and spend more time with our young son as a family. Gary continues to look for ways for us to be successful with various investments, and every monthly meeting, you can tell he is excited we’re doing so well.

    In summary, Gary literally saved our business, and we couldn’t be more grateful to him and the Hatcher team.

    Leanne and Andy, Owners

    Fish World Aquarium

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