Wealth Management

Building wealth with smart investment strategies and no BS

To have a successful business you need to make more money with it than you are spending on lifestyle, plain and simple. Along with our trusted wealth management partners, we focus on two key areas for higher returns:

Business Investments

Empowering you to invest in new assets that will generate more profit, positive cashflows and business ventures.

Outside Wealth Creation

Finding the right balance between investments inside the business and the team, but also outside of the business into shares and investment properties.

Are you building wealth, treading water or going backwards?

It’s no secret the past few years have challenged businesses worldwide. Wealth management with Hatcher can mitigate the ebbs and flows in your business and help you navigate uncertain times with confidence.

Am I ready for investment?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. The answer goes back to understanding your numbers and ensuring you have the right assets and structures in place to support your investment strategy.

Cash Requirements

People underestimate how much cash is required for working capital when they double their revenue in a short period of time. By making sure you have the right investment strategy for your business, you can avoid stripping out all the cash to buy that investment property, and then not having enough money to pay your bills.

You’re ready

When you have the cash flow and understand your numbers, it is time to start allocating a portion of funds to your investments, whether that be shares or investment properties. But determining the right amount of money and account structure will be critical to your success.


Commonly asked questions about our wealth management services.

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