Setup SMSF Form

Below is a summary of our SMSF pricing schedule and ongoing compliance costs (excluding GST):

Establishment fee*$3,500 .00This includes incorporation of a trustee company for the fund.
ATO Annual compliance$2,000.00Preparation & lodgement of annual financial statements & income tax return
Annual corporate secretarial fee$200.00 

*We require the establishment fee to be paid in advance. The cost can be reimbursed from the superfund once it has been established.

Other fees for the SMSF but not paid to HNB:  

Annual external auditor fees$500-$1,000 (+GST)This includes incorporation of a trustee company for the fund.
ASIC Annual Review fee$55.00Payable to ASIC for the trustee company
ATO SMSF Supervisory Levy$259.00Paid to the ATO with the SMSF annual return

A guide to the next steps: 

  • Provide us with two names for the corporate trustee. We will check with ASIC if the company name is available.
  • We will need a copy of your ID (e.g. driver license or passport)
  • We need an authority to request information from your current superfund (attached)
  • Copies of your latest superannuation statements.
  • You will be provided with a Financial Service Guide and an engagement letter in relation to the setting up of the SMSF to be signed.
  • Confirm and update your personal details on the attached spreadsheet. This information will then be included in the ‘Fact Find’ document for signing.
  • We will prepare a Statement of Advice (SOA) for you. This will take one to two weeks and will define your overall superannuation strategy. When the SOA is signed we will be able to set up the SMSF.
  • Once established,  bank accounts for the SMSF can be opened and funds rolled over from your current superannuation fund into your new account.