Trading Mastery

Learn to trade with confidence

We’ve worked with Trading Mastery for several years now and regularly feature in their webinars & live events to give insights to investors at every stage of their trading journey.

Before you get in touch with our team, please read through our commonly asked questions regarding investment and trading.

Next steps

  1. Book a Structure Advice Consult 
  2. Complete the “Setup Trust/Company Form” or “Setup SMSF Form” based on Hatcher Property Expert Advice 
  3. Once the above has been finalised, you will be set to speak with Property Investment Store regarding your property Purchase.

Structure Advice Consult

This is a 30-60 minute meeting to determine the most tax effective structure for your investments, whether it be under your personal name, trust/company or SMSF. 

We will answer any Tax Related Property questions, that you may have. 

We will show you how you can pay less income tax with the different structures. 

We are providing you with a 20% discount on this consultation as you are referred by Trading Mastery, and we will credit this amount to the costs of setting up your Trust & Trustee Company or SMSF.


Frequently asked questions when it comes to trading.

Once you have a basic understanding of the above and would like to proceed, please use the forms below to book a consultation with our property structure experts or start the process for setting up your trust or SMSF.